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Timber Marking Rules (C.R.C., c. 1552)

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Regulations are current to 2024-05-01

Timber Marking Rules

C.R.C., c. 1552


Rules Respecting the Marking of Timber

Short Title

 These Rules may be cited as the Timber Marking Rules.


 An application to register a timber mark shall be in duplicate in Form 1, shall be prosecuted by correspondence and shall be addressed to “The Commissioner of Patents, Ottawa, Canada”.

Correspondence and Documents

 Correspondence on the subject of an application, except correspondence concerning assignments or other documents of title,

  • (a) shall relate to that application only; and

  • (b) shall be conducted only by the applicant or his agent duly authorized in writing.

  •  (1) Any document, other than a drawing relating to a timber mark, shall be clearly and legibly typewritten or printed on sheets of white paper of a quality satisfactory to the Commissioner, eight inches wide and 13 inches long, with a clear margin of one inch on the left-hand side.

  • (2) One of the copies of a typewritten document submitted to the Commissioner shall be the ribbon copy.

  •  (1) Drawings deposited shall be on sheets of good quality pure white paper or tracing cloth that is eight inches wide and 13 inches long, and views shall be clearly drawn in black lines on a sufficiently large scale to be easily read.

  • (2) Neither the title of the timber mark nor any descriptive matter shall appear on any part of a drawing sheet, but each sheet may bear in the lower right-hand corner the signature of the applicant or his agent.

  •  (1) An assignment presented for registration against a registered timber mark shall be the original document or a typed or printed copy thereof certified before a notary public to be a true copy.

  • (2) If an assignment is accompanied by a duplicate or a notarially certified copy thereof, the duplicate or copy shall be returned by the Commissioner with a certificate of registration, but if an assignment is not so accompanied the Commissioner shall notify the person who presented it for registration of the number and date under which and of the timber mark against which it has been registered.

FORM 1Application for Registration of a Timber Mark

(To be made in duplicate)

I, (we) blank line

whose full post office address(es) is (are) blank line

blank line

hereby request you to register in the name of blank line

blank line

a Timber Mark which I (we) hereby declare is not and was not in use to my (our) knowledge by any person other than myself (ourselves) at the time of my (our) adoption thereof.

The said Timber Mark consists of blank line

(description of the Timber Mark).

A drawing of the said Timber Mark is hereunto annexed.

Signed at blank line this blank line day of blank line 19blank line in the presence of undersigned witnesses:



  • (1) blank line

  • (2) blank line

    The Commissioner of Patents,

    Ottawa, Canada.

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