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Weather Modification Information Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1604)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19


  • 1 Daily records shall be maintained in a form that will allow ready recognition of the detailed information required by paragraph 4(1)(a) of the Act under the following categories:

    • (a) name of the field officer in charge;

    • (b) names of personnel engaged in any field operations, together with their employment function and area of operation;

    • (c) names of locations of all custodians and authorized holders of records;

    • (d) locations and functions of all field bases;

    • (e) location of each piece of equipment and instrumentation of any sort, identification of the piece, function, hours and times of operation, names of operators and custodians;

    • (f) materials emitted or dispersed into the atmosphere including class, physical state, size, generic and common name, chemical composition and quantities, rates, hours and times of emission or dispersion;

    • (g) aircraft log data and flight plans including identification as to purpose of flights;

    • (h) general tracks and areas of operation of any aircraft, the aircraft speed, flight altitudes and temperature at flight altitude, all with accuracy consistent with the instrumentation normally available in the aircraft and with the attendant ground facilities, and the time of special operation of the aircraft and facilities while actually engaged in weather modification procedures to within ±5 minutes;

    • (i) location and operations of any self-powered ground vehicles;

    • (j) locations and operations of any other mobile vehicles;

    • (k) any special atmospheric or other observations made appertaining to the weather modification activity;

    • (l) exact location of area for which modification of weather is being sought on each occasion.

  • 2 Daily records shall be

    • (a) maintained in an orderly manner;

    • (b) clearly itemized as to their content, origin and recording officer;

    • (c) clearly understandable to any person knowledgeable in the subject matter but not directly associated with the weather modification activities; and

    • (d) readily available for inspection.


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