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Fuels Information Regulations, No. 1 (C.R.C., c. 407)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2017-06-02. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE(Sections 4 to 6)

FORM 1Report on Sulphur Content

Reporting Period blank line

Company Name blank line

Facility Name blank line Telephone blank line

Facility Address blank line

Fuels Produced in or Imported into Canada

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5
ItemName of FuelQuantity Produced (m3)Quantity Imported (m3)API Gravity or Density (kg/m3)Sulphur Content (mg/kg)
HighestLowestWeighted Average
1Aviation fuel
  • (a) Aviation gasoline

  • (b) Jet A

  • (c) Jet A-1

  • (d) Jet B

  • (e) Other (specify)

  • (a) Regular

  • (b) Mid-grade

  • (c) Premium

  • (d) Super-premium

  • (e) Other (specify)

  • (a) Kerosene

  • (b) Other (specify)

4Diesel fuel (by sulphur content)
  • (a) Less than or equal to 15 mg/kg

  • (b) Greater than 15 mg/kg and less than or equal to 1000 mg/kg

  • (c) Greater than 1000 mg/kg

  • (d) Other (specify)

5Heating fuel oil
  • (a) Type 0 (No. 0)

  • (b) Type 1 (No. 1)

  • (c) Type 2 (No. 2)

  • (d) Type 4 (No. 4)

  • (e) Type 5 (No. 5)

  • (f) Type 6 (No. 6)

  • (g) Other (specify)

6Synthetic crude (sold as fuel)
7A fuel other than the fuels named in items 1 to 6

blank line (Signature of authorized official)

blank line (Title)

blank line (Date Signed)

FORM 2Liquid Fuel Additive Report

(To Be Submitted once for each Fuel Additive.)

Fuel Manufacturer/Importer blank line Telephone blank line

Address blank line

Additive Manufacturer blank line Telephone blank line

Address blank line

1Type of Fuel blank line
Brand Name of Additive blank line
Purpose of Additive blank line
Quantity Used Annually blank line
2Fuel Additive Concentration (mg/litre)
HighestLowestWeighted Average
blank lineblank lineblank line
3Composition of Fuel Additive
Complete either paragraph (a) or (b) or attach a copy of a letter from the fuel additive manufacturer attesting to the fact that the information required by paragraph (a) or (b) has been forwarded to Environment Canada
  • (a) Chemical name of each Constituent

Approx. % by weight
  • (b) Element

Approx. % by weight


(list other elements that individually account for more than 0.1% of the additive weight)
4[Revoked, SOR/80-138, s. 1]
  • SOR/79-280, ss. 3, 4
  • SOR/80-138, s. 1
  • SOR/2017-110, ss. 4, 5

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