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Order Acknowledging Receipt of the Assessments Done Pursuant to Subsection 23(1) of the Act



Registration 2012-07-04

P.C. 2012-838 2012-06-19

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of the Environment, acknowledges receipt, on the making of this Order, of the assessments done pursuant to subsection 23(1) of the Species at Risk ActFootnote a by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) with respect to the species set out in the annexed schedule.


Endangered Species

  • Fish
    • Cisco, Spring (Coregonus sp.)

      Cisco de printemps

  • Molluscs
    • Mussel, Mapleleaf (Quadrula quadrula) Saskatchewan – Nelson population

      Mulette feuille d’érable population de la Saskatchewan – Nelson

    • Mussel, Rainbow (Villosa iris)

      Villeuse irisée

    • Pondmussel, Eastern (Ligumia nasuta)

      Ligumie pointue

Threatened Species

  • Fish
    • Bass, Striped (Morone saxatilis) Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence population

      Bar rayé population du Sud du golfe Saint-Laurent

    • Cusk (Brosme brosme)


    • Darter, Eastern Sand (Ammocrypta pellucida) Ontario populations

      Dard de sable populations de l’Ontario

    • Darter, Eastern Sand (Ammocrypta pellucida) Quebec populations

      Dard de sable populations du Québec

    • Eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus) Nass and Skeena Rivers populations

      Eulakane populations des rivières Nass et Skeena

    • Trout, Westslope Cutthroat (Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi) Alberta population

      Truite fardée versant de I’Ouest population de l’Alberta

  • Molluscs
    • Mussel, Mapleleaf (Quadrula quadrula) Great Lakes – Western St. Lawrence population

      Mulette feuille d’érable population des Grands Lacs – Ouest du Saint-Laurent

Special Concern

  • Mammals
    • Whale, Beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) Eastern High Arctic and Baffin Bay populations

      Béluga populations de l’Est du Haut-Arctique et de la baie de Baffin

    • Whale, Humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae) North Pacific population

      Rorqual à bosse population du Pacifique Nord

  • Fish
    • Sculpin, Shorthead (Cottus confusus)

      Chabot à tête courte

  • Molluscs
    • Floater, Brook (Alasmidonta varicosa)

      Alasmidonte renflée

    • Lampmussel, Wavy-rayed (Lampsilis fasciola)

      Lampsile fasciolée

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