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Mushuau Innu First Nation Band Order (SOR/2002-415)

Regulations are current to 2020-05-04

Mushuau Innu First Nation Band Order



Registration 2002-11-21

Mushuau Innu First Nation Band Order

P.C. 2002-1948 2002-11-21

Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, pursuant to paragraph (c) of the definition band in subsection 2(1) and to subsection 73(3) of the Indian Act, hereby makes the annexed Mushuau Innu First Nation Band Order.


 In this Order, “adoption” includes adoption in accordance with Innu custom.


 The body of Indians described in section 3 is hereby declared to be a band for the purposes of the Indian Act, to be known as the Mushuau Innu First Nation.

 The Mushuau Innu First Nation is the body of Indians consisting of

  • (a) the persons identified in Schedule 1; and

  • (b) every other person of Canadian Innu ancestry who, on November 19, 2002, was not registered in the Indian Register and who, on that day,

    • (i) was ordinarily resident in the location known as Davis Inlet, as described in Schedule 2,

    • (ii) had been absent from the location for a period of not more than 12 months but was ordinarily resident in the location before that absence,

    • (iii) had been absent from the location for a period of more than 12 months for the purpose of education, employment, incarceration or for health reasons, including medical treatments, but was ordinarily resident in the location before that absence,

    • (iv) was absent from the location because of adoption or placement into foster care or a similar arrangement, but who was, or whose parents were, ordinarily resident in the location at the time of the adoption or placement, or

    • (v) was, whether by birth or adoption, the parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, child, grandchild, great-grandchild, brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or first cousin of a person referred to in any of subparagraphs (i) to (iv).

Coming into Force

 This Order comes into force on the day on which it is registered.

SCHEDULE 1(Paragraph 3(a))

Column 1Column 2Column 3
Surname, Given NamesAlias/

Other Names

Date of Birth
ALYWARD, Amanda Elizabeth1981-10-10
ALYWARD, Brigitta MariePIWAS1956-05-28
ALYWARD, Mary Anne Irene1983-07-05
ALYWARD, Melissa Monique1986-03-19
ANDREW, Benedict Matthew1992-11-01
ANDREW, Benjamin Matthew1993-12-03
ANDREW, Chelsea Maggie1989-08-17
ANDREW, Desiree Elizabeth1988-03-12
ANDREW, GervaisJerry1966-09-11
ANDREW, John McGillivirey1989-03-02
ANDREW, Joseph1963-07-15
ANDREW, KatelinKatelyne1992-11-14
ANDREW, Kimberly Alice1995-09-12
ANDREW, Lauri AnnLori Anne1999-09-05
ANDREW, Louisa Uapan Neskueu1995-08-28
ANDREW, Mary Charlotte1990-05-19
ANDREW, Nashape Skueu Charlene1997-07-05
ANDREW, Patricia Michelle1989-12-03
ANDREW, Samantha Brigitta1987-10-10
ANTUAN, VivianaViviane1959-06-28
ASHINI, AgathaMichelle Agathe1991-02-07
ASHINI, Emma MariaEmma Marie1965-03-03
ASHINI, George1962-04-07
ASHINI, Mary Martha1985-12-19
ASHINI, Megan Ashenik NiskueuMegan Ashenik Iskueu1992-04-13
ASHINI, Penute George James1999-03-26
ASTA, Adrian William1989-06-20
ASTA, Anne Philomena1990-09-02
ASTA, Edward Pien1996-03-24
ASTA, Glenda Charlotte1987-02-06
ASTA, Marie1965-05-14
ASTA, Raphael1981-06-02
BASTO, Marie Anne LucyMary Ann Lucy1971-07-11
BENUEN, Adeline Alice1984-10-26
BENUEN, AntoniaPOKUE1973-02-05
BENUEN, Damien Joseph1959-11-22
BENUEN, Francine Maniai1999-07-25
BENUEN, Joannes (Jean) JosephJan Joseph1956-03-27
BENUEN, Joshua Damien1991-02-08
BENUEN, Kathleen Mary1958-11-10
BRYNE, Kimberly Louise1987-03-09
BRYNE, Nympha Maria Cecilia1962-12-19
BRYNE, Roy Thomas1982-09-29
BRYNE, Shane Penute1984-12-20
BRYNE, Shunee Monic1981-08-18
COLLINS, Gordie Louie1977-05-04
COLLINS, Jacob Mistipinip1997-03-25
COLLINS, Mary Agnes1954-06-19
COLLINS, Mary Theresa1992-09-29
COLLINS, Zachary Joel1999-12-03
DICKER, Mary Lucy1971-03-05
DICKER, Matthew Herbert Frank1992-03-26
DICKER, Samuel Mark1994-01-07
DICKER, Shelly Beatrice Louisa1990-06-12
GREGOIRE, Dream Lucy Monique1996-11-12
GREGOIRE, Elizabeth Charlotte1976-09-23
GREGOIRE, George Simon JamesGeorge Tshenish Simon1983-01-11
GREGOIRE, Jamal Mikey2000-07-08
GREGOIRE, Janet1977-09-22
GREGOIRE, Joseph MarcJoseph Mark1954-04-18
GREGOIRE, Ketora Jeannie1984-02-10
GREGOIRE, Lucy Marcella1998-06-23
GREGOIRE, Marcel1980-03-25
GREGOIRE, Mario George Tshenish1999-04-20
GREGOIRE, Mary KatherineRICH1953-06-14
GREGOIRE, Mike (Michael)Michael Michel1976-08-03
GREGOIRE, PeterPien1979-09-12
GREGOIRE, Philomena1974-01-04
GREGOIRE, Rocco Taye Melvin2001-01-03
GREGOIRE, Sonny Stanley2000-06-25
JACK, Denise Rene1996-08-24
JACK, Michael1965-10-27
JACK, Natalie Madison2001-05-14
JACK, Nellie Anne1987-04-10
JACK, Shaquille Leon2000-02-19
JACK, Virginia Marika1990-07-14
JACOBISH, Abel Joseph1959-06-22
JACOBISH, AntoineAntuan1967-03-04
JACOBISH, CharlesCharlie1970-07-21
JACOBISH, Claudia Miniskuesh2000-01-22
JACOBISH, Joseph Simon1994-06-15
JACOBISH, Roman Shanish1988-09-28
KATSHINAK, Alice Mary1994-03-19
KATSHINAK, Antonia Charlotte1983-08-29
KATSHINAK, BarbaraBarbara Susan1975-11-28
KATSHINAK, CecileCecilia Dina1959-09-15
KATSHINAK, Claudette Hannah2000-07-24
KATSHINAK, Delvina Kaiekuskakut1996-09-29
KATSHINAK, Grace Alice Lucy2000-07-28
KATSHINAK, Jeanine1964-01-05
KATSHINAK, Lizette April1993-04-21
KATSHINAK, Marcel David1962-11-18
KATSHINAK, Marcel Joseph1981-03-18
KATSHINAK, Margaret Madeline1994-06-06
KATSHINAK, Mary Charlotte Lucy1991-12-21
KATSHINAK, Mathias Raphael1993-05-22
KATSHINAK, Phyllis JoannePhyllis Joanna1990-12-20
KATSHINAK, Shania Britney1999-07-03
KATSHINAK, Shunee (Julianne)Julianna Mary (Shunne)1974-09-16
KATSHINAK, Tamara Susan2001-01-14
KATSHINAK, Tracy Ann1995-08-07
KATSHINAK, Wendy Diane1992-06-26
KATSHINAK, Yvonne1997-08-22
MICHELIN, Wayne Christopher1975-12-25
MISTENAPEU, Edward Brian1935-01-01
MISTENAPEU, Eric Joseph2000-05-18
MISTENAPEU, Erica Juliette2000-05-18
MISTENAPEU, Faye Pishumuskuess2000-12-24
MISTENAPEU, Jenny Manteskueu2002-04-05
MISTENAPEU, Joseph HenryHenry Joseph1954-07-14
MISTENAPEU, Kirby Snowdon JohnPIWAS1998-12-06
MISTENAPEU, Lucy AliceRICH, Lucie1982-06-20
MISTENAPEU, Mary AldeleMary Adele1978-10-05
MISTENAPEU, Mary Georgette1977-02-20
MISTENAPEU, Natasha Wendy Alice1997-11-11
MISTENAPEU, Nora Alice1972-07-05
MISTENAPEU, Sharika Yvonne2002-03-15
MISTENAPEU, Simon Joseph1982-04-11
MISTENAPEU, William Edward1965-10-14
NOAH, David1969-02-06
NOAH, Joann JulienneSAUNDERS, Julianna1941-04-27
NOAH, Justine MarieJACK1967-01-11
NOAH, Lieve Marie1970-09-24
NOAH, Mary Jane Lisa1991-12-22
NOAH, Peter James1990-09-13
NOAH, Tobie JosephToby Joseph1972-04-05
NUI, Arrow Joachim Tshenish2002-05-09
NUI, BernadettePIWAS1966-11-22
NUI, Clarence Franz1972-06-14
NUI, Daniel Marlon1992-10-08
NUI, Darryl Marcel1981-06-28
NUI, David1963-06-04
NUI, Destiny Love ManiaiDestiny Love Manaia2001-09-26
NUI, Elijah Daniel Mishen1997-01-02
NUI, ElizabethPOKUE1961-03-27
NUI, James Joachim1965-02-03
NUI, Jamie Helena Mary Jane1993-01-01
NUI, JoachimJoachim James1978-04-16
NUI, Joachim1934-12-14
NUI, John David1987-04-28
NUI, John Joseph1970-09-29
NUI, Manan Monique1993-11-22
NUI, Marcel Poundmaker1993-03-12
NUI, Mark James1966-12-31
NUI, Martyne Alice1978-06-21
NUI, Mary AnnMary Anne1974-02-14
NUI, Mary Jane1937-10-29
NUI, Nuke Manaupesh BillNuke Manaupesh2001-10-15
NUI, Sage Monique PokueSage Uapukun Monique1995-10-13
NUI, Selina ZeldaSelina Zelda Adeline1984-07-21
PACK, Martha Charlotte1971-01-19
PASTEEN, Allison1990-08-20
PASTEEN, Angela1966-07-05
PASTEEN, Bert James1999-04-15
PASTEEN, Brendan JacobBrendon Jacob1991-11-04
PASTEEN, CharlesCharles Joseph1963-04-23
PASTEEN, Charles Joseph1979-02-12
PASTEEN, Christopher George1986-02-03
PASTEEN, Elizabeth Alice1971-10-20
PASTEEN, JamesCharles James1914-06-14
PASTEEN, James Charles1971-07-20
PASTEEN, Janet Theresa1993-02-25
PASTEEN, Kathy Jolene1991-12-17
PASTEEN, Laura Penash1994-06-22
PASTEEN, Peter Antuan Simeon1985-03-17
PASTEEN, Peter Joseph1966-05-18
PASTEEN, Richard Charles1985-03-21
PASTEEN, Sharon Elizabeth1993-08-31
PASTEEN, Steven James1983-09-21
PASTEEN, Suzie MarieSusie Marie1984-01-03
PASTEEN, TheodoraTheo Dora1969-01-12
PASTEEN, Vanessa Adeline1990-06-15
PASTEEN, Wayne Raphael1987-07-03
PASTEEN, Zelda Lucy1990-03-24
PASTITSHI, Journey Utshimaskues2000-08-23
PASTIWET, Etienne DamienEtienne1956-02-20
PASTIWET, Henry1975-05-09
PASTIWET, Isaac2000-12-26
PASTIWET, Kevin1979-11-09
PENASHUE, Helen1977-12-13
PENASHUE, Jonathan Edward1994-10-26
PENASHUE, Louise Adele1993-06-23
PENASHUE, Mary Georgette1990-07-09
PENASHUE, Monique Lucy1992-06-19
PENASHUE, Shane Gregory2000-05-15
PIJOGGE, Amos John1988-08-26
PIJOGGE, Ethan Patrick2000-12-21
PIJOGGE, Hydie Bertha Ethel Matnueskueu LucyHydie Bertha Ethel1997-12-06
PIJOGGE, Ivy Lucy Samantha1982-09-07
PIJOGGE, JulianaRICH1979-06-27
PIJOGGE, Marie AngeleMarie Angela1961-06-16
PIWAS, Agatha KuteshAgathe Kutshesh1985-09-25
PIWAS, Ashley NiakauAshley Niskueu2001-09-18
PIWAS, Benjamin Joseph1982-06-28
PIWAS, Bruce Christopher1980-07-07
PIWAS, Cole Anthony Toby2001-02-18
PIWAS, Courtney Alice Shanipiash1999-02-01
PIWAS, Denis EdwardDennis Edward1971-02-04
PIWAS, Desmond Thomas1981-06-30
PIWAS, Edward1945-04-01
PIWAS, Hope Kauinimishit2001-08-25
PIWAS, Jack1967-12-16
PIWAS, Jeffrey1974-11-09
PIWAS, John JosephJohnny Joseph1962-04-10
PIWAS, Joseph1940-03-02
PIWAS, Kristin MariaRICH1992-05-05
PIWAS, Kueskapeu Kanikuen (Gregory)Kueskapeu Kanikuen1994-12-25
PIWAS, LorettaRICH, Loretta Mary1974-03-28
PIWAS, Louie James1991-05-30
PIWAS, LucieLucy1944-04-20
PIWAS, Mani AnnTSHAKAPESH, Mary Anne1975-12-10
PIWAS, Marie Jeanne ThérèseANDREW, Marie Jeanne Theresa1966-11-24
PIWAS, Marie ThereseMISTENAPEO, Mary Theresa1957-11-25
PIWAS, MarkMarcus Edward1977-11-19
PIWAS, Martha Marie1960-12-17
PIWAS, Mary Adele1978-03-12
PIWAS, Matthew Joseph1967-06-13
PIWAS, Michael Lawrence1979-03-03
PIWAS, Nashitt Kakuskueu1991-12-07
PIWAS, Ninitshitau1990-04-20
PIWAS, Pauline Mary1974-11-07
PIWAS, Paulus1968-12-21
PIWAS, Randy Joseph EdwardRICH1990-10-12
PIWAS, Raymond Jeffrey1989-08-27
PIWAS, Robert1963-09-02
PIWAS, Robin James1983-05-25
PIWAS, Sebastien Joseph1959-08-10
PIWAS, Shekau Geraldine1988-04-20
PIWAS, Snowden EugeneSnowdon Eugene1989-09-30
PIWAS, Sonja Kutshesh1985-12-04
PIWAS, Terry Michael Collen Tshenish2001-03-07
PIWAS, Tesh Ashenik1993-06-16
PIWAS, TomyTommy1969-01-26
PIWAS, Willy Charles Joseph1972-12-27
PIWAS, Veryan Kuekuatshes1979-01-27
PIWASH, Jean MariePIWAS1973-05-15
POKER, CatherineCatherine Mary1949-06-05
POKER, Daniel1969-03-10
POKER, Danina Alice1981-03-02
POKER, George Uitshishemushish1992-01-13
POKER, James Kaniuekutat1997-05-30
POKER, Joyce Marie1991-09-12
POKER, MariePOKUE1963-09-20
POKER, Petapanu Tony Mathias1993-01-03
POKER, Prote1962-02-13
POKER, ProtePenute George1984-11-07
POKER, Richard1981-12-28
POKER, Rose-MarieRICH, Rose Mary1969-09-14
POKER, Roxanne Nenuskueu MaryRoxanne Nenuskueu1995-03-09
POKER, Shawn Kenussemu Thomas1994-04-19
POKER, ShimishJames John1979-09-12
POKER, Simeon1980-12-30
POKER, SusanneRICH, Susan1973-02-07
POKER, Timothy1988-04-23
POKER, Toma JohnTomas John1971-03-04
POKER, Tommy1986-08-24
POKUE, Damien Tony1990-08-27
POKUE, Darren Lee1985-03-11
POKUE, Desiree Rose1993-06-20
POKUE, Donna Marie1987-02-20
POKUE, Dorothy JanetteDorothy Janet1983-07-18
POKUE, Heather May1999-12-15
POKUE, Jacqueline Elenah Renee1998-10-31
POKUE, James Patrick1991-06-02
POKUE, Marcel Simon1989-03-13
POKUE, Mary Ann1953-08-17
POKUE, Pauline1978-05-29
POKUE, Pauline Charlotte1984-06-11
POKUE, Rebecca Rachel1992-09-15
POKUE, Simon1965-03-16
POKUE, Tatyana Faith Keuapakanaskueu1996-04-07
POKUE, Thunder Mary Jane AngelNUI1997-12-14
POKUE, Tony Muskushish1995-02-13
RICH, AaronPOKER1979-09-17
RICH, Aaron Andrew1990-03-02
RICH, Adeline1985-11-13
RICH, Agathe Marie1958-01-25
RICH, Albert Jerome1963-07-20
RICH, Aldea Cecile1970-11-27
RICH, Alexander Joseph1988-04-29
RICH, Alice Ueuetimiskueu1994-08-04
RICH, Amber Natasha Mushuau1995-04-12
RICH, Andre Charles1968-05-26
RICH, Andrew Vernon1991-09-09
RICH, Angela1936-11-16
RICH, Angela Lucy1992-06-14
RICH, Ann PhilomenaAnne Philomena1987-05-24
RICH, Anna Marjorie1985-01-25
RICH, Annie Margaret1981-06-04
RICH, Antonia Yvette1983-03-24
RICH, April Josephine1990-03-09
RICH, Ashley Kayla1999-11-30
RICH, Audrey Tanya1995-01-12
RICH, Austin Kyle Tommy Tshenish1997-11-14
RICH, Benjamine Matthew1973-03-15
RICH, BernadettePIWAS1961-09-09
RICH, Bernadette Sharon1987-09-11
RICH, BernardGREEN1969-07-14
RICH, Bernice Joan1991-08-23
RICH, Billy JamesMISTENAPEU1997-04-03
RICH, Bryan Shushepis1994-03-14
RICH, Cajetan Joseph1956-07-30
RICH, Caroline AdelePENASHUE1969-07-07
RICH, Cassandra Lucy1991-04-22
RICH, Cecile1937-12-31
RICH, Chantel Pishum1999-09-18
RICH, Charles Joseph1984-08-31
RICH, Charles PonisCharlie Ponas1982-01-01
RICH, Charlotte Alice1982-06-24
RICH, Cheryl Chelsea Christine1990-03-25
RICH, Cheyenne Tina1997-04-08
RICH, ChristinePOKER1960-05-13
RICH, Christine Marie1957-02-22
RICH, Christine Rosie1981-09-12
RICH, Cindy Doris1988-02-28
RICH, Darlene Marie1984-09-25
RICH, Debbie1980-11-12
RICH, Deborah Uitsheuakaniskueu1993-06-07
RICH, Delilah Monique Matanueskueu2001-11-01
RICH, Delphina Caroline1984-10-17
RICH, Desmond Damien1982-10-20
RICH, Dionne Shanis1995-01-30
RICH, Donald1969-05-30
RICH, Eagle Sebastien1993-10-26
RICH, Edith1979-12-09
RICH, Elaine Lucy Bernice1984-05-13
RICH, Elizabeth1937-10-29
RICH, Elizabeth AnneElizabeth Anne (Lisa)1967-10-29
RICH, Emma1979-06-18
RICH, Emma Alice1984-06-25
RICH, EricEric Raphael1970-06-17
RICH, Ernest Manuk1999-01-12
RICH, Etienne1980-06-05
RICH, EveEve Utshimaskuess1999-09-17
RICH, Faith Nalin1999-01-31
RICH, Francis DavidFrances David1990-05-11
RICH, Gabriel Patrick1975-02-27
RICH, Garfield1969-02-23
RICH, GaryGary Walter1974-11-16
RICH, Gregory1968-12-25
RICH, Gregory James1996-02-07
RICH, Helen Marie1967-02-22
RICH, Henrius Joseph HankHank Joseph1961-07-29
RICH, Holly Angela1989-11-16
RICH, Irene Louise1980-02-28
RICH, Irene Nympha1983-05-06
RICH, Jenna Johnette Manaskuesh1993-05-23
RICH, Jennica Louisa Marie2000-01-07
RICH, Jennifer Louisa1971-08-28
RICH, Jerry Jeremiah1988-09-09
RICH, Jessica Joanne1992-01-06
RICH, Jocelyne Love Lisa2001-08-08
RICH, Joel Patrick1971-12-09
RICH, Joel Peue1995-02-22
RICH, Joey Edward1989-06-21
RICH, John Baptiste1986-10-16
RICH, John Joseph1962-05-17
RICH, Joseph RemiJoseph Raymond1953-07-21
RICH, Joyce FelyciaFelycia1971-03-22
RICH, Judith1966-03-29
RICH, Junior Richard1972-12-23
RICH, Justin Jeffrey1988-12-16
RICH, Justine MarieJustine Mary1956-04-12
RICH, Katelyn NymphaKatelynn Nympha1989-04-03
RICH, KatiePASTEEN1966-08-07
RICH, Kenneth Roland1991-11-08
RICH, Kyle Raymond1998-10-23
RICH, Lance Ian Tshetshepateu2000-11-26
RICH, Leanne Josette1998-03-20
RICH, Len Scott1978-10-15
RICH, Leon David1986-03-13
RICH, Leslie Yvan1977-08-09
RICH, Lila Marie1987-02-16
RICH, Lloyd Rex1981-06-30
RICH, Louisa Muskumin1996-07-31
RICH, Louise Anne Marie Nicole1989-05-11
RICH, MadelinePOKER1929-07-31
RICH, MagdaleneMadeline1973-07-30
RICH, Mani AgatheMary Agathe1979-08-27
RICH, Marie AdeleMary Adele1949-10-15
RICH, Marie Agathe1967-08-28
RICH, Marie AldeaMary Aldea1951-05-28
RICH, Marie AnnaMary Anne1953-10-26
RICH, Marie MarguriteMary Margaret1961-06-05
RICH, Mary Angela KeskeuantshishueuMary Angela1996-05-23
RICH, Mary Madeline1986-12-25
RICH, Mary Margaret1980-02-19
RICH, Matthew BenjamineMatthew Benjamin1986-08-30
RICH, MaureenMaureen Mary Ann1989-11-28
RICH, Melvin Frederick Katshituask1996-04-03
RICH, Monique1939-01-01
RICH, Nachella MonicaNachelle1977-06-12
RICH, Nancy AnnNancy Anne1996-02-28
RICH, Nicholas ShenakuteuNicholas Shanakuteu1992-04-04
RICH, NoémiANDREW, Naomi1964-09-22
RICH, NymphaNympha Maria1982-02-21
RICH, Oz Rocky Etutikueu2001-06-07
RICH, Paige Ahapiskueu1995-03-08
RICH, Pamala Beverly AnnPamela Beverly Anne1987-11-02
RICH, PatriciaPatricia Marie1972-09-04
RICH, Patrick Cajetan1981-11-14
RICH, Patrick Gabriel1954-09-02
RICH, Paul Tshiushiuas1996-02-15
RICH, PenotePenute Ponas1978-02-12
RICH, Peter JohnJACK1988-08-28
RICH, Pineshikan PonasPineshikan Matthew Ponas1991-12-30
RICH, Raymond Joseph1971-02-04
RICH, Ricky JamesANDREW1986-04-20
RICH, Rita Lucy1970-07-05
RICH, Robert Allen1987-04-02
RICH, Rocky1974-05-27
RICH, Romeo Raphael1986-09-27
RICH, Ruby Dorothy1987-02-12
RICH, Samuel Jerome1981-03-02
RICH, Sandra Stella1993-01-13
RICH, Sarah Marie1959-04-21
RICH, Scott Louis1984-03-20
RICH, Sean Michael GilbertShawn1990-09-30
RICH, Sebastien Edward1977-04-30
RICH, Shania Frances1999-09-13
RICH, Sheila Sara1977-07-10
RICH, Skye Kutshake1997-09-30
RICH, Stella Marie1966-07-07
RICH, Stephanie Ann1983-11-07
RICH, Stephanie Rita1983-09-21
RICH, SteveMISTENAPEO, Stephen Joseph1977-08-30
RICH, SuzanneSusan1973-08-07
RICH, Tammy2000-07-15
RICH, Thaddeus Joseph1958-02-19
RICH, Therese AnnieTheresa Annie1969-06-25
RICH, Thérèse EvelineMICHELIN, Theresa1955-04-14
RICH, Todd Uapannish1993-09-27
RICH, ToonToon Antonius1964-04-08
RICH, Toon James1985-09-14
RICH, Trent Jacob Mishe2001-02-18
RICH, Troy Piuash1994-10-07
RICH, Tyler Ustinitshu1998-08-26
RICH, Victoria Caroline1985-11-04
RICH, William1981-12-22
TOMA, Alberta1976-04-02
TOMA, AlexandreAlexander Joseph1964-06-08
TOMA, Candace Marie1996-05-03
TOMA, Christine1982-02-16
TOMA, Frieda Julianne Shunee1981-03-17
TOMA, Johannes JosephJohnny Joseph1960-02-27
TOMA, Nathan Anthony Katshanau1994-07-20
TOMA, Patrick Dyson1998-06-30
TOMA, Shannon Alexandra1994-12-09
TOMA, Sunshine Uashamamou MarySunshyne Uashimuau Mary2000-05-08
TSHAKAPESH, AgatheRICH1967-05-16
TSHAKAPESH, Aimee Charlotte1990-09-26
TSHAKAPESH, Angela Ruby Sarah2002-04-16
TSHAKAPESH, Antoine Joachim Joseph1993-07-28
TSHAKAPESH, Dalila Lucy1971-12-17
TSHAKAPESH, Dylan Tommy1992-05-13
TSHAKAPESH, Eddie1974-04-10
TSHAKAPESH, Germaine1973-01-16
TSHAKAPESH, Jermey Henry AntuanJeremy Henry Antuan1991-10-03
TSHAKAPESH, John Baptiste SimonJohn Baptist Simon1969-12-15
TSHAKAPESH, JoseJosie1974-01-26
TSHAKAPESH, Joyce Lucy Ann1985-05-08
TSHAKAPESH, Kelly Louisa Charotte1998-11-02
TSHAKAPESH, Ketora Madeline1992-01-24
TSHAKAPESH, Leon1969-03-05
TSHAKAPESH, Marie EdithJACOBISH, Edith1951-08-01
TSHAKAPESH, Mary Charlotte1982-05-06
TSHAKAPESH, Mary Jane Matinueskueu1994-03-11
TSHAKAPESH, Nicole Charlotte1990-03-22
TSHAKAPESH, Roderick Antuan1989-08-08
TSHAKAPESH, Simeon Antoine1968-03-26
TSHAKAPESH, Thunderheart Tshiuetin2001-01-18
TSHAKAPESH, Vincent Eddie JakeANDREW1987-07-19
VOISEY, Veronica MadelineRICH1975-05-12
WHITE, Emma Haley2002-05-17
WHITE, Patricia Judith1983-06-04

SCHEDULE 2(Subparagraph 3(b)(i))Description — Davis Inlet, Newfoundland and Labrador

Located at Sango Bay, in the Electoral District of Torngat Mountains, in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and being all that parcel of land consisting of the entirety of Iluikoyak Island as shown on the 1:50,000 scale of the National Topographic Series Map Sheet Nos. 13N/14 and 13N/15. The Island has an approximate centroid of 55°53′ Latitude and 61°00′ Longitude.

The boundaries of the above-described Island follow the Ordinary High Water Mark of each of Sango Bay, Daniel Rattle, Davis Inlet and the Labrador Sea. The Island includes the village of Davis Inlet.

A map showing the location of the Island and the boundaries dealt with by this description has been recorded in the Atlantic Office of Natural Resources Canada, Legal Surveys Division as Plan No. 2001-001 RSAtl.

Prepared by:

Gordon P. Isaacs CLS, NSLS, NBLS

Natural Resources Canada

Legal Surveys Division — Atlantic

Date modified: