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2-Butoxyethanol Regulations (SOR/2006-347)

Regulations are current to 2024-02-06 and last amended on 2021-03-18. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 1(Section 1, subsection 2(1), section 3, subsection 4(1), paragraphs 5(1)(a) and (c), subsection 8(2) and Schedule 2)

Concentration Limits

Column 1Column 2
ItemProductConcentration Limit (%) (w/w)
1Automobile CleanerFootnote for Concentration Limits110.0
2Rug or Carpet Cleaner10.0
3Floor or Baseboard Stripper2.0
4Paint Stripper or Thinner0.5
5Laundry Stain Remover22.0
6Any Other AerosolFootnote for Concentration Limits2 CleanerFootnote for Concentration Limits35.0
7Any Other Non-aerosol CleanerFootnote for Concentration Limits36.0
8AerosolFootnote for Concentration Limits2 Paint or Coating0.1
9Non-aerosol Paint or Coating0.5
  • Return to footnote 1Does not include automobile degreasers or internal engine cleaners.

  • Return to footnote 2Does not include pump sprays.

  • Return to footnote 3A product to be used to degrease and clean glass, floors and other surfaces, including bathroom and kitchen surfaces, but does not include automobile degreasers.

  • SOR/2014-78, ss. 7, 8

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