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2-Butoxyethanol Regulations (SOR/2006-347)

Regulations are current to 2020-05-17 and last amended on 2014-04-04. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 1(Section 1, subsection 2(1), section 3, subsection 4(1), paragraphs 5(1)(a) and (c), subsection 8(2) and Schedule 2)


Column 1Column 2
ItemProductConcentration Limit (%) (w/w)
1Automobile CleanerFootnote for CONCENTRATION LIMITS 110.0
2Rug or Carpet Cleaner10.0
3Floor or Baseboard Stripper2.0
4Paint Stripper or Thinner0.5
5Laundry Stain Remover22.0
6Any Other AerosolFootnote for CONCENTRATION LIMITS 2 CleanerFootnote for CONCENTRATION LIMITS 35.0
7Any Other Non-aerosol CleanerFootnote for CONCENTRATION LIMITS 36.0
8AerosolFootnote for CONCENTRATION LIMITS 2 Paint or Coating0.1
9Non-aerosol Paint or Coating0.5
  • Return to footnote 1Does not include automobile degreasers or internal engine cleaners.

  • Return to footnote 2Does not include pump sprays.

  • Return to footnote 3A product to be used to degrease and clean glass, floors and other surfaces, including bathroom and kitchen surfaces, but does not include automobile degreasers.

  • SOR/2014-78, ss. 7, 8
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