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Special Economic Measures (Burma) Regulations

Version of section 1 from 2012-04-24 to 2022-01-27:

Marginal note:Definitions

 The following definitions apply in these Regulations.

arms and related material

arms and related material means any type of weapon, ammunition, military vehicle or military or paramilitary equipment, and includes their spare parts. (armes et matériel connexe)


Burma means Myanmar, and includes

  • (a) any political subdivision of Myanmar;

  • (b) the government, and any department of Myanmar or of a political subdivision of Myanmar; and

  • (c) any agency of Myanmar or of a political subdivision of Myanmar. (Birmanie)

controlling interest

controlling interest[Repealed, SOR/2012-85, s. 1]

designated person

designated person means a person whose name is listed on the schedule in accordance with section 2. (personne designée)


Minister means the Minister of Foreign Affairs. (ministre)


pension means a benefit paid under the Old Age Security Act, the Canada Pension Plan or an Act respecting the Quebec Pension Plan, R.S.Q. c. R-9, any superannuation, pension or benefit paid under or in respect of any retirement savings plan or under any retirement plan, any amount paid under or in respect of the Garnishment, Attachment and Pension Diversion Act or the Pension Benefits Division Act, and any other payment made in respect of disability. (pension)

  • SOR/2012-85, s. 1
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