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Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Levies Order (SOR/2016-236)

Regulations are current to 2021-06-28 and last amended on 2021-06-22. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 2(Section 1, paragraph 12(3)(c) and Schedule 1)

Tariff Item Numbers and Related Levies for Imported Beef Products

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
Customs Tariff Tariff Item No.Class of imported beef product under Customs TariffCents/lbCents/kg
Meat of bovine animals, fresh or chilled – 02.01
Carcasses and half-carcasses – 0201.10
0201.10.1010Within access commitment - Veal0.6621.459542
0201.10.1090Within access commitment - Other0.1720.379102
0201.10.2010Over access commitment - Veal0.6621.459542
0201.10.2090Over access commitment - Other0.1720.379102
Other cuts with bone in – 0201.20
0201.20.1010Within access commitment - Veal0.1720.379102
0201.20.1080Within access commitment - Other: Processed0.2410.530743
0201.20.1093Within access commitment - Other: Loin0.1720.379102
0201.20.1099Within access commitment - Other0.1720.379102
0201.20.2010Over access commitment - Veal0.1720.379102
0201.20.2091Over access commitment - Other: Rib0.2410.530743
0201.20.2093Over access commitment - Other: Loin0.2410.530743
0201.20.2099Over access commitment - Other0.1720.379102
Boneless – 0201.30
0201.30.1010Within access commitment - Veal0.2320.511787
0201.30.1095Within access commitment - Other: Loin0.2410.530743
0201.30.1099Within access commitment - Other: Other0.1720.379102
0201.30.2010Over access commitment - Veal0.2320.511787
0201.30.2060Over access commitment - Other: Processed0.2410.530743
0201.30.2092Over access commitment - Other: Chuck0.2320.511787
0201.30.2093Over access commitment - Other: Rib0.2320.511787
0201.30.2094Over access commitment - Other: Hip0.2320.511787
0201.30.2095Over access commitment - Other: Loin0.2320.511787
0201.30.2099Over access commitment - Other0.2320.511787
Meat of bovine animals, frozen – 02.02
Carcasses and half-carcasses – 0202.10
0202.10.1010Within access commitment - Veal0.6621.459542
0202.10.1090Within access commitment - Other0.1720.379102
0202.10.2010Over access commitment - Veal0.6621.459542
0202.10.2090Over access commitment - Other0.1720.379102
Other cuts with bone in – 0202.20
0202.20.1010Within access commitment - Veal0.1720.379102
0202.20.1090Within access commitment - Other0.1720.379102
0202.20.2010Over access commitment - Veal0.1720.379102
0202.20.2090Over access commitment - Other0.1720.379102
Boneless – 0202.30
0202.30.1010Within access commitment - Veal0.1720.379102
0202.30.1070Within access commitment - Other: processed0.2410.530743
0202.30.1081Within access commitment - Other, quarters: Forequarter0.2390.527837
0202.30.1082Within access commitment - Other, quarters: Hindquarter0.2390.527837
0202.30.1095Within access commitment - Other: Eye of round, outside round, inside round, outside flat and sirloin tip0.2390.527837
0202.30.1096Within access commitment - Other: Hip0.2390.527837
0202.30.1097Within access commitment - Other: Loin0.2390.527837
0202.30.1099Within access commitment - Other0.2390.527837
0202.30.2010Over access commitment - Veal0.1720.379102
0202.30.2095Over access commitment - Other: Eye of round, outside round, inside round, outside flat and sirloin tip0.2320.511787
0202.30.2097Over access commitment - Other: Loin0.2320.511787
0202.30.2099Over access commitment - Other0.2320.511787
Edible offal of bovine animals, swine, sheep, goats, horses, asses, mules or hinnies, fresh, chilled or frozen – 02.06
Of bovine animals
0206.10.0000Fresh or chilled0.1720.379102
0206.21.0000Frozen: Tongues0.1720.379102
0206.22.0000Frozen: Livers0.1720.379102
0206.29.0000Frozen: Other0.1720.379102
Meat and edible meat offal, salted, in brine, dried or smoked – 02.10
0210.20.0000Meat of bovine animals0.2790.615701
Other prepared or preserved meat, meat offal or blood – 16.02
Of bovine animals – 1602.50
1602.50.1000Prepared meals0.3180.701388
1602.50.9120Other: In cans or glass jars - Corned beef0.3010.663428
1602.50.9190Other: In cans or glass jars - Other0.3180.701388
1602.50.9900Other: Other0.3270.720293
  • SOR/2017-37, s. 3
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