On Board Trains Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (SOR/87-184)

Regulations are current to 2018-10-03 and last amended on 2018-05-23. Previous Versions

PART IIILighting (continued)

[SOR/2015-143, s. 6]

Minimum Levels of Lighting (continued)

[SOR/2015-143, s. 11(F)]

 The level of lighting in an area referred to in Column I of an item of Schedule II to this Part shall be not less than the level set out in Column II.

  • SOR/2015-143, s. 12.

Lighting — VDT

  •  (1) The average level of lighting at a task position set out in Column I of Schedule III to this Part shall not be more than the level set out in Column II.

  • (2) Reflection glare on a VDT screen shall be limited so that an employee at a task position is able to

    • (a) read every portion of any text displayed on the screen; and

    • (b) see every portion of the visual display on the screen.

  • SOR/2015-143, s. 12.

Emergency Lighting

  •  (1) Where there is a failure in the lighting system in an area through which an employee passes in carrying out procedures referred to in paragraph 13.7(2)(a), emergency lighting shall be available in the area for immediate use.

  • (2) The emergency lighting referred to in subsection (1) shall

    • (a) where reasonably practicable, operate automatically in the event of a failure of the lighting system; and

    • (b) provide an average level of lighting of not less than 10 lx.

  • SOR/2015-143, s. 13.
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