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Personnel Training for the Assistance of Persons with Disabilities Regulations (SOR/94-42)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2020-06-25. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE(Section 11)Description of Training Program

(Corporate name, address and nature of business of carrier or terminal operator)


  • 1 
    Name and title of person responsible for managing the training program within the organization.
  • 2 
    Target group of the training program (specify):
    • (a) employees and contractors who interact with the public;

    • (b) employees and contractors who provide physical assistance;

    • (c) employees and contractors who handle mobility aids;

    • (d) employees and contractors who assist with special equipment or aids.

  • 3 
    List of the occupational categories of the organization’s employees and contractors required to receive training.
  • 4 
    Subject matter covered in the training program.
  • 5 
    Principal teaching methods and types of educational and support materials used in the training program.
  • 6 
    Number of hours of training provided in the initial training program.
  • 7 
    Average period between the beginning of employment and the initial training.
  • 8 
    Frequency, nature and number of hours of refresher training sessions required.
  • 9 
    Qualifications and title of the person who provides the initial training and refresher training sessions.
  • 10 
    Where a person with a disability is involved in the training program, the nature of the involvement.
  • 11 
    Means used by the organization to ensure that employees receive a level of training appropriate to the requirements of their function.
  • 12 
    The recording and monitoring of the completion of the initial training and each refresher training session.
  • 13 
    Where the organization uses contractors, the means used to ensure that the contractors receive a level of training appropriate to the requirements of their function.
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(Signature, name and title of authorized officer or agent)

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