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Payments and Settlements Requisitioning Regulations, 1997 (SOR/98-130)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28

SCHEDULE(Paragraph 3(2)(d))Information Requirements

  • 1 
    The name or other identification of the department or other organization submitting the requisition and, where applicable, the particular organizational unit.
  • 2 
    The date of the requisition and the date payment is required to be made.
  • 3 
    The name of the payee.
  • 4 
    The amount of the payment or settlement or, with the concurrence of the Receiver General, the information that forms the basis for calculating the amount.
  • 5 
    The currency in which the payment or settlement is to be made, if other than Canadian.
  • 6 
    The address to which the payment or advice of settlement is to be sent or, in the case of electronic instructions, the payee’s financial institution number, branch number and account number.
  • 7 
    In the case of recurring payments or settlements

    (a) the effective date for the commencement of payment or settlement;

    (b) the frequency of payment or settlement; and

    (c) if applicable, the number of payments or settlements to be made or the date on which the last payment or settlement is to be made.

  • 8 
    Certification in accordance with section 4 of these Regulations.
  • 9 
    If applicable, the requisition or voucher serial number.

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