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Exemption List Regulations (SOR/99-13)

Regulations are current to 2024-02-20 and last amended on 2014-04-01. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 2(Section 3)Exempted Developments Situated in National Parks, National Park Reserves and National Historic Sites

  • 1 The modification, maintenance or repair of a structure other than a road, including an internal fixed structure, that will not

    • (a) increase the footprint or height of the structure;

    • (b) involve a heritage building;

    • (c) involve a change in the method of sewage disposal, or an increase in the amount of sewage, waste or emissions;

    • (d) involve any excavation beyond the footprint of the structure;

    • (e) create a need for additional related facilities, such as parking spaces; or

    • (f) entail the release of waste into the environment.

  • 2 The maintenance or repair of a sidewalk, boardwalk, fence or parking lot.

  • 3 The construction, installation, maintenance or repair of a sign in a park, that will be carried out within an existing right-of-way or at a distance of less than 15 m from an existing building.

  • 4 The maintenance or repair of a road, including a pull-off area, that will be carried out on the road right-of-way and that will not

    • (a) entail the deposit of waste into a water body; or

    • (b) involve the application of a dust control product or salt to the road or of a control product to the areas adjacent to the road.

  • 5 The maintenance or repair of an environmental scientific data collection instrument, or its associated structures or enclosure.

  • 6 The construction or installation of an interpretive display or exhibit associated with a structure, road, pull-off area or trail, where the construction and installation will not

    • (a) require the expansion of any associated facilities; or

    • (b) be carried out in a special preservation area or a wilderness area set out in a management plan for a park tabled in each House of Parliament under subsection 11(1) of the Canada National Parks Act.

  • 7 The construction, installation, modification, maintenance or repair of a handrail or guard-rail associated with a structure.

  • 8 The maintenance or repair of a fire tower.

  • 9 The operation of a structure

    • (a) in respect of which an environmental assessment has been conducted under the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act or the Environmental Assessment Review Process Guidelines Order, where

      • (i) as a result of the assessment, the environmental effects or impacts have been determined to be insignificant, taking into account the implementation of any mitigative or remedial measures, and

      • (ii) any required mitigative or remedial measures and follow-up program have been substantially implemented; and

    • (b) that will not entail the release of waste into the environment.

  • SOR/2009-98, s. 3

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