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Patented Medicines Regulations (SOR/94-688)

Regulations are current to 2021-02-15 and last amended on 2013-12-19. Previous Versions

Revenues and Research and Development Expenditures (continued)

 For the purposes of subsection 88(1) of the Act, the expression research and development means those activities for which expenditures qualify, or would qualify if the expenditures were made by a taxpayer in Canada, for an investment tax credit in respect of scientific research and experimental development under the Income Tax Act as that Act read on December 1, 1987.


  •  (1) Every person required by these Regulations to provide information to the Board shall do so by using the appropriate electronic document made available on the Board’s website and by sending the completed electronic document, in its original format and file type, to the email address specified by the Board on its website.

  • (2) The electronic document shall bear the electronic signature of an authorized individual, certifying that the information set out in the document is true and complete.

  • SOR/2008-70, s. 5
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