Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (SOR/2010-120)

Regulations are current to 2015-10-27 and last amended on 2015-09-14. Previous Versions

Calculation of Area

 Space occupied by berths, lockers, chests of drawers and seats must be included in the measurement of the floor area while small or irregularly shaped spaces, which do not add effectively to the space available for free movement and cannot be used for installing furniture, must be excluded.


 A separate berth must be provided for each employee and arranged so that the berth is as comfortable as possible for the employee and any partner who may accompany the employee.

 The minimum inner dimensions of a berth must be 198 cm by 80 cm.

  •  (1) The framework and the lee-board, if any, of a berth must be constructed from material that is hard, smooth and impervious to moisture and not likely to corrode or to harbour vermin.

  • (2) If tubular frames are used for the construction of berths, the tubes must be completely sealed and without perforations.

  •  (1) No more than one berth is to be placed over another.

  • (2) A berth must not be placed over another if a sidelight is located above a berth that is placed along the ship’s side.

  • (3) If one berth is placed over another,

    • (a) the lower berth must be at least 30 cm above the floor;

    • (b) the upper berth must be placed approximately midway between the bottom of the lower berth and the lower side of the deckhead beams; and

    • (c) a dust-proof bottom must be fitted beneath the bottom mattress or spring bottom of the upper berth.

  •  (1) Each berth must be fitted with a mattress with a cushioning bottom or a combined cushioning mattress that includes a spring bottom or a spring mattress.

  • (2) The employer must provide a set of clean bedding to be used on board a vessel during the employee’s service.

  • (3) The bedding set must, at a minimum, consist of the following items of appropriate size for the berth:

    • (a) one pillow;

    • (b) one pillow case;

    • (c) two flat bedsheets; and

    • (d) one blanket.

  • (4) The employee must return the bedding set on completion of service on board a vessel.

 In sleeping quarters, an electric reading lamp must be installed at the head of each berth.


 Sleeping quarters must be equipped with

  • (a) a table or desk, which may be of the fixed, drop-leaf or slide-out type;

  • (b) comfortable seating accommodation;

  • (c) a mirror, small cabinets for toiletries, a book rack and one coat hook per occupant; and

  • (d) curtains or an equivalent covering for the portholes.

  •  (1) Each occupant must be provided with a clothes locker with a capacity of at least 475 l and a drawer or equivalent space with a capacity of at least 56 l, unless the drawer is incorporated into the clothes locker, in which case the combined minimum volume must be 500 l.

  • (2) The clothes locker must be fitted with a shelf and be capable of being locked.