NFPMC General Rules of Procedure (SOR/82-641)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16

NFPMC General Rules of Procedure



Registration 1982-06-25

Rules Of Procedure of the National Farm Products Marketing Council with Regard to the Conduct of Hearings under Section 8 of the Act

Whereas in accordance with section 10 of the Farm Products Marketing Agencies ActFootnote * the Council desires to make rules of procedure to govern the conduct of hearings; and

Whereas the Council desires, through its procedures to achieve the following objectives:

  • (a) to ensure that Council proceedings are of sufficient focus and depth to permit the highest possible quality of decision making;

  • (b) to assist signatories to a national marketing plan agreed upon in a Federal-Provincial Agreement to be made aware of and deal effectively with Council concerns in respect of specific proceedings and on an ongoing basis;

  • (c) to facilitate involvement of the public in the regulatory process through a system that allows for a sufficient measure of informality to ensure public access and contributions;

  • (d) to increase the capacity of interveners to participate at hearings in an informed way; and

  • (e) to minimize unnecessary delay in the regulatory process.

Therefore, the National Farm Products Marketing Council, pursuant to section 10 of the Farm Products Marketing Agencies Act, hereby makes the annexed Rules of Procedure of the National Farm Products Marketing Council with regard to the conduct of hearings under section 8 of the Act.

Dated at Ottawa, Ontario, this 25th day of June, 1982


 These Rules may be cited as the NFPMC General Rules of Procedure.


 In these Rules,


“Act” means the Farm Products Agencies Act; (Loi)


“affidavit” includes a written affirmation; (affidavit)


“applicant” means a party who submits an application or is so designated by the Council as such; (requérant)


“application” includes any application to the Council for the making of an order with respect to any matter relating to the objects of the Council as described in the Act and a Federal-Provincial Agreement or any matter relating to a complaint; (requête)


“chairman” means any person designated by the Council to act as the chairman of a hearing; (président)


“complaint” means a complaint received by the Council under paragraph 7(1)(f) of the Act; (plainte)

“Federal-Provincial Agreement”

“Federal-Provincial Agreement” means an agreement entered into pursuant to section 32 of the Act; (accord fédéral-provincial)


“hearing” means a public hearing held pursuant to section 8 of the Act; (audience)


“interrogatory” means any written request by a party for information or particulars made to another party that is answered in writing by that other party; (interrogatoire)


“intervener” means a person or party who files a statement in accordance with section 16; (intervenant)


“intervention” means a statement filed by an intervener in accordance with subsection 16(2); (intervention)


“party” means any party whether an applicant, intervener, or any other interested person including a corporation that is so named or designated by the Council as a party in relation to a hearing; (partie)


“proceeding” means any inquiry, hearing or other procedure commenced by an application or a complaint to the Council or initiated by the Council of its own motion by a notice in accordance with section 9 of the Act; (instance)


“Secretary” means

  • (a) a person designated by the Council to act on its behalf in organizing the conduct of a proceeding, and

  • (b) the person who acts as secretary at a hearing. (Secrétaire)