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Corrections and Conditional Release Act (S.C. 1992, c. 20)

Act current to 2024-04-01 and last amended on 2022-06-23. Previous Versions

Marginal note:Service to obtain certain information about offender

  •  (1) When a person is sentenced, committed or transferred to penitentiary, the Service shall take all reasonable steps to obtain, as soon as is practicable,

    • (a) relevant information about the offence;

    • (b) relevant information about the person’s personal history, including the person’s social, economic, criminal and young-offender history;

    • (c) any reasons and recommendations relating to the sentencing or committal that are given or made by

      • (i) the court that convicts, sentences or commits the person, and

      • (ii) any court that hears an appeal from the conviction, sentence or committal;

    • (d) any reports relevant to the conviction, sentence or committal that are submitted to a court mentioned in subparagraph (c)(i) or (ii); and

    • (e) any other information relevant to administering the sentence or committal, including existing information from the victim, the victim impact statement and the transcript of any comments made by the sentencing judge regarding parole eligibility.

  • Marginal note:Access by offender

    (2) Where access to the information obtained by the Service pursuant to subsection (1) is requested by the offender in writing, the offender shall be provided with access in the prescribed manner to such information as would be disclosed under the Privacy Act and the Access to Information Act.

  • Marginal note:Disclosure to Service

    (3) No provision in the Privacy Act or the Access to Information Act shall operate so as to limit or prevent the Service from obtaining any information referred to in paragraphs (1)(a) to (e).

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