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Corrections and Conditional Release Act (S.C. 1992, c. 20)

Act current to 2024-02-06 and last amended on 2022-06-23. Previous Versions

Marginal note:Routine strip search of inmates

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), a staff member of the same sex as the inmate may conduct a routine strip search of an inmate, without individualized suspicion,

    • (a) in the prescribed circumstances in situations in which the inmate has been in a place where there was a likelihood of access to contraband that is capable of being hidden on or in the body; or

    • (b) when the inmate is entering or leaving a structured intervention unit.

  • Marginal note:Choice of body scan search

    (2) A body scan search of the inmate shall be conducted instead of the strip search if

    • (a) the body scan search is authorized under section 48.1; and

    • (b) a prescribed body scanner in proper working order is in the area where the strip search would be conducted.

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