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Electricity and Gas Inspection Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. E-4)

Act current to 2020-10-05 and last amended on 2019-06-21. Previous Versions

Electricity and Gas Inspection Act

R.S.C., 1985, c. E-4

An Act relating to the inspection of electricity and gas meters and supplies

Short Title

Marginal note:Short title

 This Act may be cited as the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act.

  • 1980-81-82-83, c. 87, s. 1


Marginal note:Definitions

  •  (1) In this Act,

    accredited meter verifier

    accredited meter verifier means any person accredited under section 10; (vérificateur accrédité)


    apparatus includes any machine, instrument or device; (appareil)


    contractor means any person or body that has undertaken to supply electricity or gas to any purchaser; (fournisseur)


    director means the director appointed under subsection 26(1); (directeur)


    functions includes powers conferred and duties imposed by or under this Act; (fonctions)


    gas includes natural gas and manufactured gas; (gaz)


    inspector means any officer appointed under the authority of this Act and, in relation to any functions that may be executed by such an officer, includes any person designated under subsection 26(3) for the purpose of executing those functions; (inspecteur)


    meter means an electricity or gas meter and includes any apparatus used for the purpose of making measurements of, or obtaining the basis of a charge for, electricity or gas supplied to a purchaser; (compteur)


    Minister means the Minister of Industry; (ministre)


    prescribed means prescribed by regulation; (Version anglaise seulement)


    purchaser means any person to whom electricity or gas is sold; (consommateur)

    verified meter

    verified meter means a meter that has been verified in accordance with this Act and the regulations. (compteur vérifié)

  • Marginal note:Rendering seal ineffective is breaking it

    (2) The rendering ineffective of a seal pertaining to any meter shall, for the purposes of this Act, be deemed to constitute breaking the seal.

  • Marginal note:Construction

    (3) Any reference in this Act, except in subsection 23(2), to the owner of a meter shall, in the case of a meter used by a contractor for any purpose mentioned in subsection 9(1), be construed as a reference to the contractor.

  • R.S., 1985, c. E-4, s. 2
  • 1992, c. 1, s. 145(F)
  • 1995, c. 1, s. 62
  • 2011, c. 3, s. 3

Units and Standards

Marginal note:Units of electricity and gas

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2) and the regulations,

    • (a) the unit of measurement for the sale of electricity shall be

      • (i) the watt hour,

      • (ii) the volt-ampere hour,

      • (iii) the var hour, or

      • (iv) the joule; and

    • (b) the unit of measurement for the sale of gas shall be

      • (i) in the case of sale by volume, the cubic metre or the cubic foot,

      • (ii) in the case of sale by energy units, the joule or the British Thermal Unit, and

      • (iii) in the case of sale by mass, the kilogram.

  • Marginal note:Multiples and submultiples of units

    (2) Any requirement of this section that a unit of measurement be a unit specified in subsection (1) is sufficiently complied with if the unit of measurement

    • (a) is any multiple or submultiple of the unit so specified, and

    • (b) is capable of being expressed by way of a prefix specified in Part V of Schedule I to the Weights and Measures Act,

    but nothing in this subsection applies to a cubic foot specified in subparagraph (1)(b)(i) or a British Thermal Unit specified in subparagraph (1)(b)(ii).

  • 1980-81-82-83, c. 87, s. 3

Marginal note:Custody of standard apparatus

 All standard apparatus necessary to establish the units of measurement for sales referred to in section 3 shall remain in the custody of the Minister and form part of the system of reference standards referred to in the Weights and Measures Act.

  • 1980-81-82-83, c. 87, s. 4

Marginal note:Calibration of measuring apparatus

 No measuring apparatus, other than a standard designated under section 13 of the Weights and Measures Act, that is required for measurement or examination of electricity, gas or meters shall be used by an accredited meter verifier unless

  • (a) the apparatus is calibrated, and

  • (b) such calibration is certified,

in prescribed manner.

  • 1980-81-82-83, c. 87, s. 5


Marginal note:Register of contractors

  •  (1) The director shall maintain, in accordance with the regulations, a register for the registration of contractors.

  • Marginal note:Certificate of registration

    (2) No contractor shall sell electricity or gas on the basis of measurement unless he holds a certificate of registration issued under the authority of this subsection in respect of the supply of electricity or gas, as the case may be.

  • Marginal note:Contractor ceasing to be seller

    (3) Where a contractor ceases to sell electricity or gas on the basis of measurement, the contractor shall forthwith give notice, in prescribed manner, to the director to that effect and return to the director the certificate of registration referred to in subsection (2).

  • 1980-81-82-83, c. 87, s. 6

Contractor’s Access and Reports

Marginal note:Right of access by contractor

  •  (1) A contractor may, at all reasonable times, for the purpose of

    • (a) inspecting, testing, installing, repairing, removing or changing, when it is lawful for him to do so, any meters, wiring, piping, fittings or other apparatus of the contractor for the measurement or conveyance of electricity or gas supplied by him, or

    • (b) ascertaining the quantity or making other measurements of the electricity or gas consumed or supplied,

    enter any premises belonging to or occupied by the purchaser to whom the contractor has undertaken to supply the electricity or gas.

  • Marginal note:Liability of contractor

    (2) A contractor that has exercised any right of entry pursuant to subsection (1) is responsible for, and shall forthwith repair and make good, all damage caused by the entry or by any inspection, testing, installation, repair, removal or change for the purpose of which the contractor has exercised that right.

  • 1980-81-82-83, c. 87, s. 7

Marginal note:Service pressure reports

 A contractor shall, if the regulations so require, report at prescribed intervals to the director, in respect of any gas supplied by the contractor, such particulars of the service pressures as are prescribed.

  • 1980-81-82-83, c. 87, s. 8


Marginal note:Verification

  •  (1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3), where a contractor or purchaser intends to use or cause to be used a meter for the purpose of obtaining the basis of a charge for electricity or gas supplied by or to him, the meter shall not, until it has been verified and sealed in accordance with this Act and the regulations, be put into service.

  • Marginal note:Temporary dispensation

    (2) The director may grant permission for the putting into service, without verification and sealing or without sealing, of any meter or any class, type or design of meter on a temporary basis under such terms and conditions and for such period as the director stipulates.

  • Marginal note:Permanent dispensation

    (3) The director may grant approval for the putting into service, without verification and sealing or without sealing, of any meter or any class, type or design of meter.

  • Marginal note:Director’s approval required for verification

    (4) No meter shall be verified pursuant to this Act until it or the class, type or design of meter to which it belongs has received the approval of the director.

  • 1980-81-82-83, c. 87, s. 9
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