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New Substances Fees Regulations (SOR/2002-374)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01

SCHEDULE 3(Section 9)

Fees for Other Services

ItemColumn 1Column 2
Fee ($)
Annual Sales ($ Million)
Service≤ 13

> 13

≤ 26

> 26

≤ 40

> 40
1Confidential searchFootnote for Fees for Other Services*62.50125187.50250
2Masked name applicationFootnote for Fees for Other Services**150300450600
3Application under Four Corners AgreementFootnote for Fees for Other Services***5001,0001,5002,000
  • Return to footnote *Search of substances appearing on the DSL or NDSL that have been published under masked names.

  • Return to footnote **Application for a masked name, as defined in the Masked Name Regulations, for a new substance.

  • Return to footnote ***Application for a service under the Agreement for Sharing of Information Between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and Environment Canada (EC) and Health Canada (HC) (the “Four Corners Agreement”).

  • SOR/2005-286, s. 7(F)

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