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Aviation Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (SOR/2011-87)

Regulations are current to 2020-11-02 and last amended on 2019-06-25. Previous Versions

PART 9First Aid (continued)

Communication of Information

 The employer shall ensure that the following information is readily available to every employee:

  • (a) information regarding first aid to be rendered for any incapacity; and

  • (b) information regarding transportation procedures for incapacitated employees.


  •  (1) A means of recording first aid that has been rendered shall be readily available to an employee on board an aircraft.

  • (2) An employee who renders first aid shall

    • (a) enter in a first aid record the following information:

      • (i) the full name of the incapacitated employee,

      • (ii) the date, time and location of the occurrence of the incapacity,

      • (iii) the date and time that the incapacity was reported to them,

      • (iv) a brief description of the incapacity,

      • (v) a brief description of the first aid rendered,

      • (vi) a brief description of arrangements made for the treatment or transportation of the incapacitated employee, and

      • (vii) the names of any witnesses, if applicable; and

    • (b) sign the first aid record beneath the information entered in accordance with paragraph (a).

  • (3) A copy of each first aid record shall be given to the employer as soon as feasible after the recording of the information.

  • (4) The employer shall keep the copy of the first aid record containing information entered under subsection (2) for two years starting on the date of that entry.

  • (5) Persons with access to first aid records shall keep the information contained in the records confidential except as required for the purpose of meeting reporting obligations under Part 10.

  • (6) On receiving a written request from a provincial workers’ compensation authority or a physician, the employer shall provide an employee with a copy of any first aid record pertaining to the employee’s treatment.

  • (7) The employer shall keep a record of the expiry dates of the first aid certificates and first aid certifications for first aid attendants and make it readily available to them.

  • SOR/2019-246, s. 413(E)
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