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Plant Protection Regulations (SOR/95-212)

Regulations are current to 2020-05-17 and last amended on 2017-05-19. Previous Versions

PART IVExportation (continued)

Conveyance and Facility Inspection (continued)

 Where the Minister or an inspector believes on reasonable grounds that a conveyance or a facility used for any activity undertaken in respect of any thing that requires a Canadian Phytosanitary Certificate, a Canadian Phytosanitary Certificate for Re-export or any other phytosanitary document is or could be infested or constitutes or could constitute a biological obstacle to the control of a pest, any inspector may require the owner or person having the possession, care or control of the conveyance or facility

  • (a) to treat or clean the conveyance or the facility; and

  • (b) to treat, move or dispose of any thing found on or in the conveyance or in the facility.

  • SOR/2017-94, s. 23
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