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Canada Elections Act (S.C. 2000, c. 9)

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Act current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2023-06-22. Previous Versions

Marginal note:Election expenses return

  •  (1) For a general election, the chief agent of a registered party shall provide the Chief Electoral Officer with

    • (a) an election expenses return in the prescribed form;

    • (b) the auditor’s report referred to in subsection 438(1) on that return; and

    • (c) a declaration in the prescribed form by the chief agent that the return is complete and accurate.

  • Marginal note:Contents of return

    (2) An election expenses return shall set out

    • (a) as an election expense, each of

      • (i) the expenses incurred by the registered party — other than accessibility expenses — whether paid or unpaid, including a statement of expenses incurred for voter contact calling services as defined in section 348.01, provided by a calling service provider as defined in that section, that indicates the name of that provider and the amount of those expenses, and

      • (ii) the non-monetary contributions used by the registered party as an election expense;

    • (b) the accessibility expenses incurred by the registered party; and

    • (c) in the case of a general election held on a day set in accordance with subsection 56.1(2) or section 56.2, the partisan advertising expenses incurred by the registered party in relation to partisan advertising messages transmitted during the pre-election period.

  • Marginal note:Period for providing documents

    (3) The registered party’s chief agent shall provide the Chief Electoral Officer with the documents referred to in subsection (1) within eight months after the polling day for the general election.

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