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Marine Machinery Regulations (SOR/90-264)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2023-12-20. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE VIReversing and Reduction Gearing, Shafting Systems and Propellers

PART I(Section 4)Design Specifications

DIVISION IReversing and Reduction Gearing


DIVISION IIShafting Systems

1Screw shafts shall be made of
  • (a) carbon steel protected from exposure to water in the stern bearing by a corrosion-resistant continuous liner, or non-continuous liners between each of which is a welded joint or a suitable bonded coating;

  • (b) carbon steel protected from exposure to water by means of an oil lubricated stern bearing with internal and external glands;

  • (c) corrosion resistant metal in accordance with rules or codes; or

  • (d) carbon steel not fitted with the methods of water exposure protection referred to in subitem (a) or (b).

2The screw shaft shall have the propeller attached by means of
  • (a) a suitable shaft taper with a keyway that is

    • (i) in sled runner form, or

    • (ii) in a form where the top end is well rounded and smoothed off, with an adequate root radius;

  • (b) a suitable shaft taper with no keyway; or

  • (c) a coupling flange.



PARTS II to IV[Repealed, SOR/2021-135, s. 74]


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