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Canadian Chicken Licensing Regulations (SOR/2002-22)

Regulations are current to 2020-10-05 and last amended on 2018-11-23. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 1(Section 1)

Market Development Commitment Form

Province: blank line

1 As the holder of market development Licence No. blank line issued by Chicken Farmers of Canada, (Name of Primary Processor) requests the production of blank line kilograms of chicken (live weight equivalent as calculated according to Schedule 2 to the Canadian Chicken Licensing Regulations) during period A-blank line for planned marketing in accordance with the provisions of the Canadian Chicken Licensing Regulations.

2 (Name of Primary Processor) commits to market the total live weight equivalent of chicken requested

  • (a) during the market development commitment period, which is the period that spans the following three periods:

  • b) as one of the product categories set out in column 1 of the table to section 1 of Schedule 2 to the Canadian Chicken Licensing Regulations, not derived from mature chicken or spent fowl; and

  • c) to the buyers, and for the end-uses, referred to in section 3 of Schedule 2 to the Canadian Chicken Licensing Regulations

    in the quantity specified below:

    blank line kgs (on a dry weight basis).

(Signature of Primary Processor)blank line(Signature of CFC or CFC Designate)

Date blank lineblank lineDate blank line

Date of receipt of this form by CFC or CFC Designate: blank line

  • SOR/2007-249, s. 7
  • SOR/2011-244, s. 6
  • SOR/2015-227, s. 4
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