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Playpens Regulations (SOR/2018-186)

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Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2022-12-19. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 7(Section 17)Test for Stability

  • 1 The following method is to be used for testing the stability of a playpen:

    • (a) assemble the playpen according to the manufacturer’s instructions, omitting any attachments that could interfere with the conduct of the test;

    • (b) mark each support point of the playpen in order to be able to identify them;

    • (c) place the playpen on a plywood sheet that is 19 mm thick and has a surface area of such a size that all support points are at least 50 mm from any edge of the plywood sheet, orient the playpen so that a pair of adjacent support points is parallel to an edge of the plywood sheet and, if necessary, block the support points to prevent slippage;

    • (d) place the test device illustrated in the figure to this schedule on the playing surface of the playpen in such a way that one of the sides that measures 300 mm is parallel to the edge of the plywood sheet selected under paragraph (c) and is centred along and as close as possible to that side of the playpen;

    • (e) tilt the plywood sheet by pivoting it on the edge that is closest to the testing device until the plywood sheet forms an angle of 10° from the horizontal; and

    • (f) repeat the steps set out in paragraphs (c) to (e) until each support point is tested with each support point that is adjacent to it.

    Figure — Stability test device

    The device is shaped like a bookshelf with a base, three shelves and a top. It is 530 mm tall, 300 mm long and 150 mm deep. The upper surface of the first shelf is 100 mm from the top of the device. The upper surface of the second shelf is 200 mm from the top of the device. The upper surface of the third shelf is 300 mm from the top of the device. Each of the three shelves has a mass of 6.75 kg, with the total device having a mass of 23 kg.

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