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Playpens Regulations (SOR/2018-186)

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Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2022-12-19. Previous Versions

Information and Advertising (continued)

Additional Requirements for Accessories (continued)

Sleep Accessories

Marginal note:Warning — sleep accessories

 The following warning or its equivalent must appear on every sleep accessory immediately after the warnings required by sections 46 and 47:


    Do not use this accessory for a child who can roll over or who has reached [insert manufacturer’s recommended weight limit].
    Do not place any cord, strap or similar item in or near this accessory that could become wrapped around a child’s neck.
    Check this accessory regularly before using it, and do not use it if any part is loose or missing or if there are any signs of damage. Do not substitute parts. Contact the manufacturer if replacement parts or additional instructions are needed.
    Children can suffocate on soft bedding. Do not place pillows, comforters or an additional mattress pad in this accessory.


    Ne pas utiliser cet accessoire si l’enfant est capable de se retourner ou a atteint [insérer le poids maximal recommandé par le fabricant].
    Ne pas mettre dans cet accessoire ou à proximité de celui-ci des cordes, sangles ou objets semblables qui risqueraient de s’enrouler autour du cou de l’enfant.
    Vérifier régulièrement cet accessoire préalablement à son utilisation et ne pas l’utiliser si une pièce est desserrée, une pièce est manquante ou s’il y a un signe de dommages. Ne pas substituer une pièce à une autre. Communiquer avec le fabricant pour obtenir, au besoin, une pièce de rechange ou des instructions supplémentaires.
    Les articles de literie mous présentent un risque de suffocation pour l’enfant. Ne pas mettre d’oreiller, d’édredon ou de matelas supplémentaire dans cet accessoire.


 The Playpens RegulationsFootnote 1 are repealed.

Coming into Force

Marginal note:Six months after publication

Footnote * These Regulations come into force on the day that, in the sixth month after the month in which they are published in the Canada Gazette, Part II, has the same calendar number as the day on which they are published or, if that sixth month has no day with that number, the last day of that sixth month.


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