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Output-Based Pricing System Regulations (SOR/2019-266)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2024-01-01. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 4(Subsections 27(1) and 29(1))Information to Include in Application for Permit

  • 1 Information with respect to the applicant:

    • (a) their name, civic and postal addresses in Canada, telephone number and, if any, email address; and

    • (b) the name, title, civic and postal addresses in Canada, telephone number and, if any, email address of their authorized official.

  • 2 The covered facility certificate number that was issued to the covered facility for which the application is being submitted.

  • 3 Details with respect to

    • (a) each prescribed method or guideline that cannot be used;

    • (b) the specified emission type and GHG; and

    • (c) the requirement that cannot be met.

  • 4 Information establishing that, at the time of the application, it is not technically or economically feasible for the applicant to use the prescribed quantification method or guideline.

  • 5 A description of the alternative method to be used for each method or guideline in respect of which a permit is sought and information that demonstrates that the quantification method being proposed is at least as rigorous as the prescribed method or guideline and provides equivalent results to those that would have been obtained from the prescribed method or guideline.

  • 6 The requested term of the permit, which must be the period for which the permit is necessary.


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