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Federal Courts Rules (SOR/98-106)

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Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2022-01-13. Previous Versions

FORM 425ARules 425 and 437Writ of Seizure and Sale

(General Heading — Use Form 66)

(Court seal)

Writ of Seizure and Sale

To the Sheriff of the (County, Regional Municipality, etc. of (name), or as the case may be):

Under an order of this Court made on (date), in favour of (identify party),

YOU ARE DIRECTED to seize and sell the real property or immoveables and the personal property or movables within your jurisdiction of (full name of individual or corporation, etc.) and to realize from the seizure the following sums:

  • (a) $ blank line and interest at blank line per cent per year beginning on (date);

  • (b) $ blank line for costs together with interest at blank line per cent per year beginning on (date); and

  • (c) your fees and expenses in enforcing this writ.

YOU ARE DIRECTED to pay out the proceeds according to law and to report on the execution of this writ if required by the party or solicitor who filed it.

(Include the following sentence if validity of writ was extended under subsection 437(2) of the Federal Courts Rules.)



Issued by: (Registry Officer)

Address of local office: blank line

This writ was issued at the request of, and inquiries may be directed to:

(Name, address, telephone and fax numbers of solicitor or party filing writ)

blank line


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