Canadian Aviation Regulations (SOR/96-433)

Regulations are current to 2018-07-05 and last amended on 2018-06-27. Previous Versions

Reporting Major Repairs and Major Modifications

 A person who performs a major repair or major modification on an aeronautical product or installs on an aircraft a part that has undergone a major repair or major modification shall report the action to the Minister in accordance with the procedures specified in section 571.12 of the Airworthiness Manual.

Installation of Parts (General)

  •  (1) Subject to sections 571.07 to 571.09, no person shall install a part on an aeronautical product unless the part is

    • (a) inspected and its accompanying documentation verified in accordance with a procedure that ensures that the part conforms to its type design, as is indicated by the maintenance release; and

    • (b) installed in accordance with the requirements of section 571.13 of the Airworthiness Manual.

  • (2) If a part is obtained from an aeronautical product that was damaged or permanently withdrawn from service, the part shall not be installed unless it

    • (a) can be traced to the manufacturer certificate holder; and

    • (b) is inspected in conformity with the instructions for continued airworthiness or, if the part has been repaired or modified, it can be ascertained that the work was performed in accordance with approved data within the meaning of section 571.06 of the Airworthiness Manual.

  • SOR/2002-112, s. 12.
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